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2016 Spring Conference

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Don’t Ask Me To Forgive You! A Radical Approach to Healing Infidelity and Other Interpersonal Wounds

with Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph.D., ABPP

janisabrahmsspringPlease join us for our Annual Spring Conference on April 15, 2016 in Oklahoma City. Lunch is included in the price of the conference. Dr. Janis Abrahms Spring will present “Dont Ask Me To Forgive You! A Radical Approach To Healing Infidelity and Other Interpersonal Wounds.” Licensed mental health professionals may earn six (6) hours of continuing education units.

(Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph.D., ABPP will present for 5 hours; 1 additional hour of ceu will be a panel discussion focused on practical aspects of forgiveness in marital therapy.)

Note: This price is good through midnight of April 14th.  There will be a $25 increase for all categories for same-day register-at-the-door.

Register Here

Workshop Description:

Forgiveness has been held up as the gold standard of recovery from interpersonal injuries. We’ve been taught that forgiveness is good for us and that good people forgive. In real life, however, hurt parties often find that they can’t or won’t forgive, particularly when the offender is unrepentant or dead.

In this workshop, Genuine Forgiveness will be reframed as an intimate dance, a hard-won transaction, which asks as much of the offender as it does of the hurt party. You’ll learn to help offenders perform bold, humble, heartfelt acts of repair to earn forgiveness, such as bearing witness to the pain they caused, delivering a meaningful apology, and taking responsibility for their offense. You’ll also learn to help hurt parties release their obsessive preoccupation with the injury, accept a fair share of responsibility for what went wrong, and create opportunities for the offender to make good.

The presenter will also propose a radical, new alternative to forgiveness – a profound, life-affirming, healing process called Acceptance. This can be accomplished by the hurt party alone, when the offender can’t or won’t make meaningful repairs for the damaged caused. Ten concrete steps for achieving Acceptance will be described.

Everyone is struggling to forgive someone. This workshop invites you to participate – personally, or vicariously for your patients – in an experience designed to help you rise above a violation, repair the rupture within yourself, and consider forgiving the partner, parent, in-law, sibling, child, friend, or significant other who has hurt you. For those of you who have wronged someone else, it will offer you concrete steps for earning that person’s forgiveness – and your own.

Participants will learn:

  • to challenge popular assumptions about what it means to forgive;
  • to provide hurt parties with a radical, new alternative which allows them to become physically and spiritually healthy – without forgiving an unapologetic offender;
  • to compare four different responses to interpersonal injury and to identify what makes two of them dysfunctional and two of them healthy;
  • to follow specific, concrete guidelines for helping offenders earn forgiveness and for helping hurt parties foster forgiveness.

Cost: The cost is based on membership and license status.

  • $150 Licensed Professionals who are OKAMFT members (Clinical Fellows)
  • $190 Licensed Professionals who are NOT members
  • $90 Candidates who are OKAMFT members (Pre-Clinical Members)
  • $125 Candidates who are NOT members
  • $60 Students who are members
  • $90 Students who are non-members
  • Note: These early-bird prices are good through midnight of March 31st. The price(s) will go up April 1st and then will increase again for at-the-door registration on the day of the workshop.


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  1. Carol Kerr

    what is the price and the address of the spring conference? It wasn’t on the postcard I got in the mail.

  2. Christy

    I am an LPC who is currently a student in a doctoral program. I am not a member of OKAMFT. What price would I pay?

    • Larry

      Hi Christy,
      After much discussion and a board vote, we agreed you should register at the “Pre-Clinical Non-Member Candidates” rate of $100. That is if you register on or before March 31st.
      Hope to see you there!

  3. Wanda Chiles

    Where in OKC will the conference be held?

  4. Daniel Moll

    What is the street address for the location so I can map it?

  5. Cathie

    I am trying to register someone to attend this conference. I don’t want to pay with pay pal and the site won’t let my payment go through. Can someone please help me register and pay? I also sent an email and it was returned.

  6. Cathie

    I am trying to pay for attendance to the 2016 spring conference on line. I don’t want to use paypal and I click the box NO, I DON’T WANT AN ACCOUNT.
    Then I click PAY NOW. It won’t process. The message comes up at the top of the page in red THINGS DON’T APPEAR TO BE WORKING AT THE MOMENT. PLEASE TRY LATER.

    I HAVE been trying for three days now. It still won’t process.

    Can someone help me pay for registration?

  7. Wanda

    The conference is on April 15, income tax day. If I register and then realize I’m not going to be able to attend, what is your refund policy? If you don’t give full refunds, can the full amount be applied to another conference?

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