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SoonerCare: Take Action Now!

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016 in Blog | 2 comments

Act-Now-ButtonLeah Taylor has graciously gathered some information for OKAMFT members:

I. If you want to speak at the February 11th OHCA board meeting, you need to email publiccomment@okhca.org 24 hours before the meeting.  Time limit on comments is 2 minutes.

2. Here are the names and addresses of all the OHCA board members. Please write to all of them or to as many as you can. Letters are more effective than emails.

3. This is an excellent letter from Richard Desirey where he makes some excellent points that members may want to use. DO NOT just send the letter.  Rather, use the letter as talking points: focus on the points that make a difference to you.  Write your own story from your unique perspective.  This is not an all inclusive list of points nor is it meant to be sent out to any one as it is written; it is Richard’s letter to send to whom he chooses. It is included here as an example.

4. MFTs have some important things to say (e.g. how important it is to get family issues which involve problems with children taken care of earlier in the child’s life rather than later, help in changing family processes is important for the betterment of the child, preventing divorce stopping domestic violence, decreasing substance abuse, etc. all of which have deleterious effects on children).

Early intervention is not what ODMHAS is promoting — they say they are going to focus on the most seriously acute children by giving them access to many hours of case management, not therapy, when 6 sessions of expert family work can do wonders for such children. Please focus on this issue of family therapy in your talk at the board since you will only have 2 minutes: maybe talk about specific activities that promote MFTs.

5. Remember, the state has to cut the budget (a zero-balance budget is part of our state constitution); this proposal is simply not the way to go about it.


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  1. Leslie Keenan, LMFT

    It appears the link to the names and addresses of the OHCA board members is not working. Can someone help me access this list? I have the list of names, just needing addresses. I would like to make sure letters go out today.

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